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Mud News.

Mudmen’s 9th studio CD “Old Plaid Shirt” is out now and is selling well! Purchase the physical copy here, or at any live events. Old Plaid Shirt is  available for sale on at cd baby,i-tunes,spotify etc . Remember wear your Old Plaid Shirt to The Mudmen Concert to show support and check back often to see if the Mudmen’s Old Plaid Tour will be rolling through your town or city. Tell your mayor or local festival organizer to bring Mudmen to your town,village or city.

Lead singer Mike Meacher has just signed a endorsement deal with Godin Guitars out of Montreal Quebec as well as a string deal with D’addario.

Drummer Jeremy Burton has just signed a deal with Amedia Cymbols out of Turkey

The Campbell Brothers of Mudmen are currently working on a autobiography book “20 Years in The Mud”  The storied life of the Mudmen/Campbell Brothers . To be released  2018.

January   2018 new Mudmen Merchandise , 20th year Lager Beer, Plaid Shirts, T Shirts, 20th Year Beer Steins,Golf Balls, Hockey Pucks,Bottle Openers etc

2018 Marks Mudmen’s 20th Anniversary. The  Mudmen are currently booking for their  20th Anniversary/Old Plaid Shirt 2  Tour

About Us

Band Members.

  • Robby Campbell
  • Sandy Campbell
  • Jeremy Burton
  • Dan Westenenk
  • Mike Meacher

“Mudmen we love em!”

Ron McLean (Hockey Night in Canada)

“Mudmen are Canadian Treasures”

J. Warmington (Toronto Sun)

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Our new album “Old Plaid Shirt” is out now!
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Robby and Sandy Campbell play Fisher Bagpipes (Warwick, Ontario), and wear kilts made by Canadian Casual Kilts (Fergus, Ontario).
Jeremy Burton plays TRS Custom Drums (Keswick, Ontario), uses Evans Drum Skins , plays Pro Mark Drum Sticks(Toronto, Ontario) and uses Amedia Cymbols ( Turkey).
Mike Meacher plays Godin Guitars (Montreal, Quebec) and uses D’Addario strings (Toronto, Ontario). Dan Westenenk also uses D’Addario strings (Toronto, Ontario).

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